Dress Code

LVJUSD is renewing its pledge to adhere to Board Policy 5332 and to that aim is asking all schools to strictly enforce the dress code.  To help us in that process, the district has changed some of its procedures.  They are as follows:

1st offense:   referral, required to change clothes*, and parent contact;
2nd offense:  referral, required to change clothes, parent contact, and possible detention;
3rd offense:   referral, required to change clothes, detention, parent contact, and conference required; suspension and school/community service may also be required.

Students will be required to change into clothing provided by the district.  While these changes are not significantly different from our typical practice, there are a few differences.  Previously we have not required boys to change out of sagging pants and have allowed students to change into PE clothes. They often have not received detentions or phone calls home.  We will step up enforcement, and parents, your support of this policy is requested.  Please help your children to dress appropriately for school. Click
HERE for examples of appropriate and inappropriate guidelines.

Student Dress Code, B.P. 5332
Student Dress Code, A.R. 5332